We are so pleased with Eve! She arrived and immediately began to get to know our family. She's curious and friendly, and extremely smart. In just a few days, she was getting the hang of peeing and pooping outside. Now, because she's so young, sometimes she can't hold it, but she gets the concept. She's also doing well with crate training. Her pedigree must be amazing, because she is just about the most fun, well-behaved, friendliest, sweetest and smartest dog ever. We highly recommend her breeder and her sire/dame. All paperwork from the breeder was in order, and her bill of health at our fist vet visit was excellent.
We had nothing but a WONDERFUL experience with VincentPitbulls. I have to say at first I was a bit concerned when I read some reviews of people purchasing a dog and then lack of communication. But I think that may have been a misunderstanding on the process by those customers. VincentPitbulls explained to us that there would be a quiet period as our puppy was growing to a weight it could be shipped, and during this time any questions I had were immediately answered via the phone app. Our puppy was delivered as promised and the chaperone who brought her to us was WONDERFUL; sending almost hourly updates and pictures as our puppy traveled across the US to her new home with us. All the paperwork, with breeder information was delivered as well. We will use VincentPitbulls again in the future!
Penelope,renamed Lilly,has endeared herself to me and my children. She learnt her new name quickly,loves her toys and most of all, loves tug o war games and simply cuddling up.
We’ve had our puppy three weeks. He has fully integrated into our family. He’s smart, playful and his training is coming along well.
Finding a Pitbull puppy for my son in the NH area proved very difficult, so I started an online search for a reputable company, landing at VincentPitbull. I picked out a pup & easily put in his reservation. I received quick communication via phone and email and was able to schedule his arrival on a weekend. He was flown into an airport about an hour from home and delivered directly to my home in a pet carrier that had some of his current puppy food brand & his vet/health information.
From beginning to end it was a wonderful experience. I was kept informed of what was happening and what to expect. Everyone was so helpful and it was obvious that they all cared about the puppy's safety and well-being as well as me and my family.